Craft Ministry Australia


Craft Ministry connects crafters with people and organisations in need of handmade gifts. It is a central resource of giving opportunities, patterns, ideas and inspirations for people who want to craft for a cause!

It all started with a conversations among girlfriends. Where all brilliant ideas stem from. How great would it be if there was some form of directory for crafters to use to find charities seeking handmade donations? With a little experience in website development and a LOT of experience in crafting with a purpose came Craft Ministry Australia.

The site is paid for privately because I feel really passionate about what it can offer our community. I believe in it and don’t expect to get anything out of it in return. It’s a labor of love with the hope someone finds a charity that touches them in some way and provides an opportunity to give back through handmade donations.

Finding a Charity

There are many organizations that are interested in receiving handmade items. Those featured on Craft Ministry Australia have been sourced through lots of research and ‘googling’ on my behalf. If you know of a local organisation in your area that takes handmade donations please let us know and we can promote the cause here.

Anything you can contribute to these organisations will be greatly appreciated. While your individual contribution may seem too small to matter, if many of us contribute in our own small way it adds up. And what we do does make a difference. There will be several organisations near you that would be willing recipients of your efforts too. We recommend:

  • Contacting your local hospitals and speaking to their volunteers department
  • Look in the Yellow Pages under “Social Services” (for family and social services groups), Women’s shelters, Pregnancy Assistance Groups, Homeless associations etc.
  • Contact a local nursing home or hospice
  • Homeless shelters often need quilts, bedding, warm hats, clothing, and personal items
  • Ask friends and coworkers if they know of an organization that can use handmade items
  • Ask your local church what organisations they are assisting that may need handmade donations
  • Ask at the local school – some there will likely know of organisations that provide assistance to families in need
  • Ask your community Council what charity groups run in your local area and they will be able to connect you

How It Works

No handmade items come to Craft Ministry Australia directly. The point of the site is to act as a directory and connect crafters to charities seeking handmade donations. Simply have a look through the Featured Charities or select a state from the top menu to find a charity in your area. Feel free to contact these organisations directly via their Facebook pages or websites to be provided with postage addresses for all donations.

For more information or to have your charity listed on Craft Ministry Australia you can contact us via email

Thank you and God Bless,

Lis O’Brien