Craft4aCause – Ayla’s Rainbow Foundation

Cause – Craft4aCause
Item/s – Handmade items to be sold at markets

Craft4aCause is a group of crafters who use their skills in crafts such as sewing, knitting, crochet, spinning etc to create funky projects to be sold at markets. Craft4aCause was brought about as both a creative outlet and an opportunity to financially support Ayla’s Rainbow Foundation. Ayla’s Rainbow Foundation has been created to raise much needed funds to assist Ayla, who has a Neuro Migrational disorder, called Polymicrogyria. All proceeds of items sold at markets help fund Ayla’s ongoing therapy costs.

Polymicrogyria is a genetic condition and creates similar symptoms to a child with Cerebral Palsy. Like all therapies for children with disabilities, the therapy is a time consuming, labour intensive and expensive. For Ayla, her therapy lasts around 3 hours every day and costs approximately $28,000 per year. Due to this ongoing cost we are seeking support to help assist us with Ayla’s treatment. For more information visit the Facebook page and website via the link below.

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