Knitted Knockers Australia


Knitted knockers are FREE 100% cotton prosthesis hand knitted in Australia and provided to breast cancer women who have had a mastectomy. Kits are also available for people who like to knit “Communities Helping Women”. We set up kits for national quality control and our duty of care to the breast cancer survivor. As an organisation we have set it up to give support to the breast cancer survivor who has had a mastectomy.

All our team are volunteers, we have wonderful volunteer knitters who do many hours of knitting to support this organisation and the breast cancer survivor. At no time is the prosthesis or the KIT to be sold. Head Office does ask if a recipient can support the organisation by covering the postage, generally $10 to keep our expenses down, so our funds can go into purchasing – packaging and the COTTON. Please support us with this. Thank you all, who support with knitting, leaders of branches and fundraising efforts for the organisation. It is appreciated! We have nine branches now and many leaders of groups. THANK YOU! It is exciting times, with many hospitals requesting our product.

Donations Required

We do not have our pattern on the web, you need to request a kit. Kit contains our 100% COTTON (Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply) pattern and fibre fill. For our organisations high standard of quality control we want the product to be the same across Australia, hence a standard kit that is given out for FREE. The knitted prosthesis is so soft and it can be worn straight after the mastectomy operation. Order your Kit from Head Office: by phone: 03 9808 6292 or email or

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