Lou’s Place


Lou’s Place is a daytime refuge for women in the heart of Kings Cross. Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming place for women, meeting them at their point of need and supporting them in rebuilding their lives. Many of the women who come to Lou’s Place are in crisis. Approximately 70% are homeless, most experience mental and/or physical health issues, and nearly all are survivors of neglect and abuse – physical, emotional, sexual, and frequently, substance abuse. Lou’s is a drop-in centre where they can find a safe place to begin restoring their security, stability and self respect. We provide safety on many different levels – from isolation and loneliness, hunger and cold, ill health, the dangers of the street or even the dangers within their own homes.

Donations Required

We have received beautiful patchwork knitted rugs before from knitting groups and we have almost run out so we would love to receive some more. We celebrate our clients’ birthdays and sometimes our present is the only gift they receive on their birthday so any handmade gift ideas would be gratefully accepted.

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