Royal Childrens Hospital


The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) has been providing outstanding care for Victoria’s children and their families for over 140 years. As the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria, the hospital’s care extends to children from Tasmania, southern New South Wales and other states around Australia and overseas. Donations of goods and services are appreciated for their kindness and are used in various ways by The Royal Children’s Hopsital (RCH) Foundation, its fundraising groups and Auxiliaries to raise funds. This money is then distributed to areas of the hospital in most need. However, the RCH Foundation is not in a position to accept all kinds of donations of goods and services. The RCH Foundation is also unable to distribute donated goods to the patients.

Donations Required

Clothes, knitted goods, quilts

We are grateful to receive donated new and unused items of clothing, knitted goods and quilts. These items sold on Auxiliaries stalls to raise funds for the hospital.

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