Snuggles Project


The Snuggles Project remains a very popular program of Hugs for Homeless Animals. Its popularity is worldwide. People from all around the world make Snuggles and donate them to their local animal shelters and rescues. Since its inception we have provided more than a million Snuggles to shelter animals around the world. And that number continues to grow. We welcome your participation. Please read about the program and how to participate. It is important to understand that the future of the project depends on everyone understanding and abiding by the rules of participation.

Donations Required

Security Blankets for Animals in Shelters

They provide physical and psychological comfort to the animals awaiting new homes. In most instances the animals are kept in areas with stainless steel braces or hard plastic flooring. It is our goal that each animal would get a Snuggle to cuddle up with to feel comfort as well as a bit of security during their stay. The Snuggles would allow them to have a little reprieve from the coldness of the cage they are kept in. I am so very happy that it has become as popular as it has. My heart is overjoyed each time someone donates a Snuggle to a homeless animal.

Visit the website to access a library of free knitting, crochet, sewing and no-sew patterns for snuggle blankets. To find your nearest participating shelter visit Hugs for Homeless Animals

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