The Cat Protection Society of NSW


Our vision is that every cat has a loving and responsible home. Our mission is to work with the community at all levels for the mutual benefit of cats, people and the natural environment. We do this by finding loving and responsible homes for cats in need, improving the quality of life for cats by educating the community about socially and environmentally responsible cat care, actively working with government and non-government agencies to promote and improve cat welfare and honouring the unique relationship between people and cats. 

Donations Required


As our kitty accommodation isn’t too spacious the best size is a 50cm square or a 30cm x 50cm rectangle as these fit well in the apartments. We have some volunteers who knit us slightly smaller blankets, possibly 30cm square and others who make us the 50cm square in polar fleece with a cotton fabric backing. Both are loved by the cats!


Knitted toys like little mice or balls are fantastic too and are best if they are just made from wool with no eyes or other bits that can be chewed off. Smallish knitted teddies (or animals) are great as well as the cats who get lonely can cuddle up to them. If items are knitted, a basic stitch is best as some of the fancy stitching and wools can cause the kittens and cats to get claws stuck. Please send donations to Nerida Atkin at the adoption centre at 103 Enmore Rd, Newtown 2042, NSW.

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