The Salvation Army

Charity – The Salvation Army
Item/s – Handmade items to be sold or donated

The Salvation Army is about people finding freedom. We believe in freedom through community. We believe in the power of community. People loving other people, and people helping other people. Those who ‘have’ sharing generously – sacrificially – with those who don’t. People finding acceptance, encouragement, healing and support without discrimination. We believe no-one should have to ‘go it alone’.

Salvos Stores will gladly accept handmade goods, which will then be sold in store with the money raised going directly to people in need. Alternatively people can contact their local Salvation Army welfare centre if they would like their handmade goods to go directly to a person in need. We have hundreds of welfare centres throughout Australia however each welfare centre will have their own guidelines on what they can accept and what will be most useful to their clients. If you prefer this method the best thing to do is enter your suburb here: Under “Type” select community welfare and from there you can contact your closest welfare centre to discuss what kind of items are the most useful. For more information visit our Facebook page or website

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