Tiny Sparks WA


Tiny Sparks WA is Western Australia’s premier charity for high-risk pregnancies and babies born sick or premature. One of the small highlights for a Neonatal Unit parent is choosing their baby’s outfit for the day from the Neonatal Unit pool of clothing. This is only possible thanks to the kind donations of hand made items including hats and gowns from fabulous volunteers. Not only are the babies in Neonatal Unit often too small for regular baby clothes they have medical requirements which means that their clothing needs to be very particular. Only garments made from approved patterns can be used in Neonatal Units.

Thanks to our Neonatal Unit Care Package programme, parents also have the opportunity to receive an outfit which does not need to go back in to the communal pool of clothing and is theirs to keep. The outfits provided within our Neonatal Unit Care Packages come in two sizes, ‘up to 1.2kg’ provided with our Deluxe Care Packages and ‘up to 1.6kg’ provided with our Essentials Care Packages. Additional details of the Neonatal Unit Care Package program can be found here.

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