Warming Beautiful Souls

Charity – Pediatrics
Item/s – Handmade gift for children & teenagers

Warming Beautiful Souls was created to bring moments of happiness to children battling cancer, inspired by the beautiful children we met during our own daughter Maya’s journey with cancer. Maya was born with Rhabdomyosarcoma and spent most of her 23 months of life in hospital receiving treatment, before finding eternal peace in November 2013.

After months of distributing hundreds of wonderful donated gifts to children fighting cancer in eight hospitals around Australia, we decided to expand our focus. On each hospital visit it tore at our hearts that so many children were suffering prolonged and repeated hospitalisation, for serious illnesses other than just cancer. A child suffering is a child suffering, despite their illness. So we have expanded our focus to include all children suffering serious illnesses.

We are pleased to announce that WBS now has wonderful people in each state/territory helping distribute the items people donate, so your gifts will go to children in your local major hospital. Warming Beautiful Souls accepts handmade gift for babies, children and teenagers including knitted, crocheted and sewn goods. For more information and a list of local distributors visit the Facebook Page

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