Wildlife Victoria


Due to many forms of human intervention our iconic and precious wildlife suffer every day. Wildlife Victoria cares for these voiceless animals and is committed to reducing that suffering and providing as many animals as possible with another chance at life. Our incredible band of over 1500 volunteers responds to wildlife calls for help seven days a week with compassion, love and dedication. Maybe you would like to join us and help us succeed at attaining our growing mission? There are other ways you can help Victoria’s wildlife and not all of them include climbing a tree to catch a koala. On our website you’ll find some information on handmade joey pouches and possum boxes, two incredibly useful items for our volunteer rescuers and carers.

Donations Required

Do you like to knit or sew? We would love you to make pouches or liners to keep our little joeys safe and warm. Our volunteer carers put in so much time and love when caring for these precious creatures, but most don’t have time to knit or sew the pouches that they require for the little ones in care. If you, or your craft group can help with making some pouches, please click here for instructions of how to make the different types

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