Every day WIRES volunteers are taking orphaned young marsupials into care. These young animals need a safe and warm environment that is as similar as possible to their mothers pouch where they would normally be if they were not in care. Each joey in care therefore needs a pouch.

Donations Required

There are two kinds of pouches, one inner liner of cotton and an outer pouch made of wool. The inner liner is changed frequently often after each feed which can mean up to 6 pouches being needed or just one joey every 24 hours. Many WIRES carers have multiple joeys in care at any given time and the number of pouches used each day can climb very quickly. On average a carer will often have 20-30 pouches in the wash at any given time. The size of the pouches needed, changes depending on both the age of the joey and the species. In all cases the regular washing required means the life span of each pouch is limited and the need for pouches is ongoing.

The sewing and knitting required is fairly basic and there is a fact sheet available to explain sizes and material requirements. The main requirement is the inner linings must be 100% cotton and the outer knitted pouches must be pure wool. Synthetic materials do not breathe and are not appropriate. If you would like to help please take a look at the factsheet on making possum pouches or macropod pouches and help us care for our wildlife.

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