Wrap With Love


Wrap with Love Inc is a not for profit organisation incorporated with the Department of Fair Trading, NSW, Australia. Wrap with Love has no annual membership fees or other regular financial support. We rely on your donations. No one is authorised to door-knock or collect money for Wrap With Love Inc. Donations are not tax deductible. Wrap with Love is a non-denominational, non-racial and non-political organisation. It respects your privacy and does not divulge the personal information of any volunteer, or any member of other organisations.

There are millions of people in the world suffering extreme cold. In 1992 Wrap with Love began with the idea to help as many people as possible by providing warm Wraps to ward off hypothermia and in the past 23 years we have sent more than 400,000 Wraps to people in over 75 countries, including Australia, with the help of our hardworking and generous volunteers. Most of us can knit and sew. Just one square provides one twenty-eighth of warmth, and collectively, twenty-eight assembled squares create one whole warm and sheltering Wrap.

Donations Required

Knitted or Crocheted Squares

A Wrap With Love personal wrap comprises 28 squares, 25 cm x 25 cm (10 inches x 10 inches) sewn together in 4 rows by 7 rows to size 100cm x 175cm (40 inches x 70 inches) completed. A Wrap can be knitted, crocheted, machine knitted or woven , with wool, acrylic or lined patchwork. A 25 cm (10 inch) square uses approximately 50g of 8 ply wool. Finished wraps, squares and yarn are sent to us by our craftworkers and community helpers from all over Australia. Their delivery to our office-warehouse in Sydney relies on a network of Area Contacts and Drop-off depots.

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